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15 Weeks Pregnant

At 15 weeks pregnant, you are starting to feel more pregnant. You’ve probably gained about 5 pounds by now (a little more or less is fine, too) and are well into the swing of your pregnancy, but you may still be surprised by an unexpected symptom now and then. Some women start experiencing some unexpected side effects well into their pregnancy. For example, excessive salivation is not uncommon during pregnancy. This is nothing to be alarmed about, though it can be a bit inconvenient at times.

Other women start experiencing more stuffy noses. This is due to swelling in the mucous membranes of the nose, largely the result of increased hormonal production. You may also find that you have a cold at 15 weeks pregnant. Pregnant women are more susceptible to common illnesses, in part because their immune systems are compromised during pregnancy. Be sure that you take great care to wash your hands religiously when out in public.

Your growing baby now measures about 4 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs in at about 2 1/2 ounces (about the size of an apple). She’s busy moving amniotic fluid through her nose and upper respiratory tract, which helps the primitive air sacs in her lungs begin to develop. Her legs are growing longer than her arms now, and she can move all of her joints and limbs. Although her eyelids are still fused shut, she can sense light. If you shine a flashlight at your tummy, for instance, she’s likely to move away from the beam. There’s not much for your baby to taste at this point, but she is forming taste buds. Finally, if you have an ultrasound this week, you may be able to find out whether your baby’s a boy or a girl! (Don’t be too disappointed if it remains a mystery, though. Nailing down your baby’s sex depends on the clarity of the picture and on your baby’s position. He or she may be modestly curled up or turned in such a way as to “hide the goods.”)

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